Want to get rid of some old gear that's been sitting around the garage or attic? Bring it here! We'll appraise it and give you the best price we can, and we'll sell it here for you. Once it's sold, we'll give you a shout and you'll get store credit.

Product Special Order

Want that board but we've got the wrong size? Wrong color, but right wheels? Can't even have the item you're looking for? We like to think we can get our hands on anything for you. Talk to us and we'll do our best to get the product, exactly what you want.

We also participate in ship to store with some of our vendors. 


Skateboard Construction and Servicing

So you've picked out the pieces, but don't know how to put your board together. We can do it for you. We'll apply the griptape, install the wheels, bearings and trucks. You can even take it for a test drive in our parking lot and we'll make any tweaks.

Snowboard Servicing

We know how important a good, smooth, tuned snowboard is before you hit the slopes. We'll tune it up for you completely. Just drop it off a few days to a week before the trip, and we'll have it ship shape for you. We'll adjust the bindings if yours don't quite feel right, and do everything we can to make your next trip go as smooth as a trip down the slopes should be.


Need Something Else?

Give us a shout! If you'e wondering if we offer something not listed here, send us a message, drop by the store, give us a call, send us a carrier pigeon (if you can find one)! We're happy to go above and beyond to help you with whatever you need.